Tocsin Data

At Tocsin Data, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive, reliable, and secure data solutions that empower businesses and individuals to make informed decisions. We strive to unearth and transform raw data into actionable insights that drive innovation and growth, all while adhering to the highest standards of security and ethical data practices.


Our vision at Tocsin Data is to be the leading provider of cutting-edge data collection, analysis, and transformation services, revolutionizing the way organizations harness the power of information. We aim to continuously pioneer advanced analytical techniques, adapt to emerging data sources, and uphold a commitment to integrity, innovation, and excellence in all our endeavors.


Tocsin Data is your trusted partner for data management. We specialize in the seamless collection and transformation of vast data sets, ensuring that the information we provide is both accessible and tailored to your specific requirements. Our services include comprehensive data research, processing, and formatting, which we customize to suit your unique needs. Leveraging the most effective programming languages and technologies, we are dedicated to delivering outcomes that drive your success.


With a commitment to thoroughness, our search efforts extend to even the most elusive corners of the digital realm, including the dark-net, blockchain, and other often overlooked data sources. At Tocsin Data, we prioritize staying at the forefront of analytical advancements, embracing technologies such as machine learning, deep learning, and text analytics to enhance the accuracy and depth of our insights.


Committed to excellence and security, Tocsin Data operates as a Civil Contractor, ensuring that all our practices adhere to the highest standards of security research. We recognize the importance of maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of your data, and our processes reflect our unwavering dedication to protecting your information.

Tocsin Data Uses:

WHM cPanel
Apache Software
AWS Cloud

API Management

  • Rapid creation and publication of an API
  • Generating and configuring REST endpoints
  • Cataloging and publishing APIs
  • Configuring API authentication
  • Managing and monitoring APIs



Network Monitoring

  • Monitor your applications and network 24/7.
  • Watching all activity from every web app user across all devices.
  • Monitoring SSL, file hashes, automatically.
  • Get notified by email, SMS, Slack.



Finding Data

  • Human and Automated SERP systems.
  • Data mining from current local data sets
  • Continuously search multiple sources for keyword, phrases, images, or code blocks.



GIS Mapping

  • Arcgis Rest API
  • AGOL Maps
  • ESRI Dashboards
  • GIS Analytics




  • WHM/cPanel Cloning
  • sFTP Access
  • Fusio API
  • Compressed Flatfiles




  • Technical Writing
  • SDLC – Software Development Lifecycle
  • Project Documentation
  • Process Documentation

Dan Foscarini

Dan is an Information Professional at Tocsin Data. As a Data Specialist with 15+ years’ experience focused on secure communications and research, Dan is a data industry innovator and thought leader. He provides revolutionizing data solutions for various agencies including law enforcement and federal agencies. Attention to detail and verifying sources is paramount to gathering and reporting reactive information.


When he is not using his analytical skills in statistical data analysis, programming, databases, encryption and more, he enjoys painting and playing the banjo.



“I’ve known Dan for at least 8 years and have always found him to be responsive, attentive to details, and honest. Our work as a military and government contractor has at times required customized solutions. Dan built a custom dark-web search engine which we used for government and corporate clientele. This proved to be one of our biggest successes and produced results that had a very significant impact on national security, while also helping us serve our favorite financial-services clients. Dan operates with the necessary level of integrity required for such efforts and I hope we can partner with him for a long time to come.”


– Morgan C.