Tocsin Data collects large amounts of data on your behalf, and transforms it into a more usable format.

We find the information you are looking for with speed, accuracy, and relevance.

We create customised solutions for gathering, research, and formatting data to suite your needs using programming languages that best work with the tasks required to produce a desired outcome.

We search everywhere, including the dark-net, block-chain, and often overlooked data sources.

Tocsin Data stays on top of analytical techniques such as machine learning, deep learning and text analytic systems.

Tocsin Data is a Civil Contractor meeting all requirements for security research.


Qualitative Data

We gather data, filter it for relavance, and sort it for you.


PCI - ready standards HIPAA - compliance standards RAID - redundant arrays

24/7 Monitoring

Database active monitoring of all traffic to your database servers to keep an eye out for all suspicious activity, not just cyber attacks.

Customized Solutions

We scale our databases to meet your hardware needs at a fraction of the cost.

Analyzing the data you collect can help you predict future trends, enabling you to prepare for them. As you look at the data for your new website, for instance, you may discover videos are consistently increasing in popularity, as opposed to articles. This observation would lead you to put more resources into your videos. You might also be able to predict more temporary patterns and react to them accordingly.
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Data is your most valuable asset and can be your biggest liability. Protect your sensitive data using a complete set of security services designed specifically for your need.

Intelligent automation eases the risk and burden of database security. Security culture and advanced data security, governance, and protection is the standard we use.