Why use a VPN?

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VPN stands for Virtual private network. Since there are no machines or physical servers involved, the chances of the network going down are relatively less. Also, it reduces the maintenance needs and offers added ease of operation. VPN users find it a safe and relaxed way of accessing the web world. Here are the top 7 reasons why VPN can be the best choice for going online. Exceptional protection VPN works in an exceptionally encrypted environment. There are no eavesdroppers … Continue reading “Why use a VPN?”

Why is peer review important in research?

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Research is defined as an exploration of facts derived from both the primary and secondary sources of information to ascertain whether the proposed hypothesis is correct or not. The work needs to be within the approved framework and presented in the form of a well-structured thesis. It is said that before taking the work to the mentor for evaluation, one should take peer review. Here we explain why it can be beneficial for your research. Validates the work: When you … Continue reading “Why is peer review important in research?”

What research should start-up companies do?

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Start-up companies need to do a lot of researches to give a kickstart to an innovative business idea. They are attempting something for the first time while keeping in view the strengths and resources the start-ups have.  The need to study the possibility of facing competition and design strategies to cut it is also prominent. All such checks involve researches of various kinds, mostly focused on markets, ideas testing, and premises for research. Listed here are some of the research … Continue reading “What research should start-up companies do?”

What really makes a good password?

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Your password is your protective cover for any site, application, or device. By putting a password, a user claims an indisputable authority on the account owned. The password induces a sense of security and a feeling of assurance that your business with the online property is strictly between you and the interface. Even when not used for online interfaces, the passwords are now used for safety vaults, gates with sensors, etc. So, how can you benefit from the password? The … Continue reading “What really makes a good password?”

What kinds of online encryption are there?

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Online businesses are constantly under pressure to create safe conditions for their customers. These businesses find solace in encryption methods that ensure better safety to their intellectual property. Encryption means to take the data or text to be used and convert it into code with the access rights given only to authorized users. Those who don’t have a key can’t understand the information. It is quite useful for protecting the movies from getting leaked or for keeping the financial transactions … Continue reading “What kinds of online encryption are there?”

What is MFA?

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Businesses follow stricter safety solutions to make the user experience exceptional. Though many people feel irritated when asked various questions before giving them access to their respective accounts, all this is done for their safety only. These questions are nothing but authentication procedures. One of such authentication procedures is MFA or multi-factor authentication. How to understand MFA? MFA uses multiple authentication procedures that can be employed to grant users access to their accounts in applications, bank accounts, websites, etc. It … Continue reading “What is MFA?”

What are the types of search engines?

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The search engine is a program that scans the information available on the internet in response to the search phrase or keyword put by the user and delivers the result pages that contain it. The search engines are of various types and differ in how they scan the information on the websites and produce results. Users utilize the search engines for making their internet search meaningful and save time reaching the best information while sifting through uncountable web pages. Types … Continue reading “What are the types of search engines?”

Top 5 advancements in AI for 2020

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We all heard and fantasized about robots when we were young. The only difference today is that those robots have become a reality, thanks to AI developments! If someone wants to tell what AI looks like in tangible form, the answer will be robots. A machine that can make decisions by working on the data fed into it and with the help of all the soft tools embedded into it qualifies to be an AI Enabler. This ability to work … Continue reading “Top 5 advancements in AI for 2020”

How do SSL certificates work?

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SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a protocol used to protect or encrypt sensitive communications over the web. The idea is to send the information to the intended users while negating the possibility of third parties eavesdropping or reading it unauthorized manner.  Why SSL certificates are needed SSL certificates provide the trusted solution to the internet users who employ this medium for doing activities that require the furnishing of sensitive information. For example, people shopping for products or … Continue reading “How do SSL certificates work?”

What is the difference between Stemming and Lemmatization in AI?

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Whenever you are running some search, you are looking for relevant results not only for the given expression that you have typed in the respective search bar, but also for other potential forms of terms or words that you might have used. For instance, it is likely that you are looking for observing results containing the form “book” when you have typed “books” in the search bar. The given procedure is made possible with the help of two distinct mechanisms … Continue reading “What is the difference between Stemming and Lemmatization in AI?”