How to Use FTP?

Abhijeet Modi/ July 28, 2021/ Blog

File Transfer Protocol is the procedure used for the transmission of files between the computers and remote servers. The method is most commonly used for academic and corporate purposes and is considered one of the easiest and effective ways to handle webpage servers. Note that FTP and HTTP are two different concepts. Despite having similar functions, FTP is considered a

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Understanding How FTP Works

Abhijeet Modi/ July 27, 2021/ Blog

FTP solution is designed for companies and individuals that want to keep their sensitive data safe. The server helps people protect confidential information and keep these records safe. If you have been using the internet for a while, you must be familiar with the term “File Transfer Protocol”. For those who don’t know what this technology is used for, it’s

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What is DNS and How Does it Work?

Abhijeet Modi/ July 26, 2021/ Blog

DNS stands for Domain Name System, which is considered an integral component of the internet. People research information and companies through domain names. For example, they type the domain address of the website on the internet to get access to the data online. The main job of the DNS is to convert domain names to the IP address, in order

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What are the Features of DNS?

Abhijeet Modi/ July 23, 2021/ Blog

It would be really difficult for people to search for different web pages on the internet if they had to use the IP addresses of the device, instead of its domain name. It generates a map between the website and its IP address, allowing users to find any webpage on the internet easily while the DNS handles the process of

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How to Use the FTP Server?

Abhijeet Modi/ July 22, 2021/ Blog

FTP or the File Transfer Protocol is the safest and most reliable way to transfer large files from one device to another on the internet. The biggest advantage of FTP is that it provides a backup to the data uploaded on the server. So, if you ever lose any data from your device, you can rest easy knowing that it

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Understanding the Differences Between FTP and SFTP

Abhijeet Modi/ July 21, 2021/ Blog

The storage, transfer, processing, and protection of sensitive data are a few major concerns that every business owner has. While it has become possible for people to transfer files between two devices digitally, it has also increased the security risks among users. It’s become a top priority of businesses to transfer these files using the safest and most reliable solution.

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How to Choose the Best Alternative DNS Server?

Abhijeet Modi/ July 20, 2021/ Blog

The internet service providers offer you a DNS server, which is responsible for converting the domain name of your website into its IP address. The DNS servers are used on all types of websites by default, but you don’t necessarily have to use the same server. There is an option for switching the DNS server for an improved and better

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Which DNS Server Should You Use on Your Computer System?

Abhijeet Modi/ July 16, 2021/ Blog

DNS plays an integral part in helping people search for different websites on the internet. It allows you to translate the website URLs into IP addresses. This, in turn, makes it possible for users to search for content on the internet easily. While all websites have the default DNS attached to them, some web owners choose to replace the DNS

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How and Why to Change the DNS Server?

Abhijeet Modi/ July 15, 2021/ Blog

By the end of March 2021, there were approx 366.8 million domains registered on the internet. A domain name is exactly what it sounds like – the address of a website. Each website has a unique domain address, as well as, an IP address. Technically, a user has to type the IP address of the website to reach a web

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Why use a VPN?

Abhijeet Modi/ July 14, 2021/ Blog

VPN stands for Virtual private network. Since there are no machines or physical servers involved, the chances of the network going down are relatively less. Also, it reduces the maintenance needs and offers added ease of operation. VPN users find it a safe and relaxed way of accessing the web world. Here are the top 7 reasons why VPN can

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