Cybersecurity Trends 2021 You Should Know

In this digital age, more and more people are relying on computerized systems to automate their day-to-day tasks and speed things up. This has made cybersecurity the major goal of organizations that are dependent on computerized technology for regular business operations.

As technology is progressing at a rapid pace, cybersecurity trends have become a new norm. That’s because the more data you store in your devices, the more it’s prone to hacking and unnecessary attacks. In this post, we are going to present to you the details of the top cybersecurity trends you must follow in 2021. Let’s take a look:

  • Automotive Hacking

The modern vehicles come equipped with the latest software apps that are designed to offer the best assistance to the driver. These systems are designed to offer you better control and improve your driving experience. However, to build a seamless connection, these vehicles require a strong Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, which exposes your data to a lot of vulnerabilities.

With more and more people using automated vehicles, we are expecting a growing number of automotive hacking cases. The hackers could use microphones for eavesdropping and other advanced technologies to steal confidential information. Self-driven vehicles need more complex systems to operate, which puts them at a higher risk for security threats.

  • Mobile Hacking

Another cybersecurity trend that’s expected to gain attention in 2021 is mobile hacking. Your handheld devices are at a high risk of these security hacks. Your photos, videos, information about financial transactions, and other confidential data stored on your mobile can put your company at a high risk of malware and security attacks.

  • Data Breaches

Securing data has become a primary goal for individuals and companies across the world. Even a small bug in your system can expose your data to hackers and make it easier for any third party to steal your sensitive information.

  • IoT and 5G Networks

From speeding up your browsing to connecting multiple devices for seamless communication, the 5G network is expected to bring a major transformation in the world of technology in the coming years. However, this connectivity also brings with it a set of cybersecurity risks.

Chrome, the world’s most famous and extensively used browser, had flaws and bugs. This clearly shows that no app or internet service is safe from external attack. 5G technology is new to the industry and is thus associated with more risks. The developers need to pay special attention to building robust hardware and software applications for protecting the network and the devices connected to this network from any form of external attack.

Integration and Automation

In order to get better control over data, people are automating as many regular activities and business operations as possible. Automation has become more prominent now than ever. And, cybersecurity is an important element of the software development process, as large software apps with a complex interface and a plethora of features are vulnerable to external attacks.