Drive-time Analysis: What is it, and How does it Help?

Whether you are a home buyer or an aspiring business owner looking for a place to build an office, the first thing you will consider when choosing a location is the proximity of the place to the public transport. Of course, everybody selects a location after considering its proximity to their home, office, school, and other places. This will help reduce your commute time. People even calculate the time it would take to travel back and forth between their homes and office. So, how do you calculate the commute time?

GIS (geographic information system) has created a digital world where it’s possible for people to figure out the total time it would take them to travel from their current address to their destination. These remote sensing tools use data like traffic conditions, fixed speeds, and other factors to give you a correct estimate of the commute time between different locations. The drive-time analysis is one such way to create a detailed map of different places. You could also add certain times of the day to know when the area receives maximum traffic or how the weather is at certain hours of the day so that you can plan your commute accordingly.

How Drive-time Tools Save You Money and the Commute Time?

Suppose you leave for work at 8 AM every day. The drive-time analysis allows you to search for the places that have the least traffic during this time and buy the house in that neighborhood. The GIS-based geospatial tools give you the correct information about the traffic in different corners of the city at specific times. It also shows you the total time of commute from one point to another at different hours. This data makes it easy for people to decide which neighborhood is the best for them if they travel a lot.

In fact, more and more homebuyers have started using the drive-time analysis tools to get a better idea of the distance between their home to kid’s school, their workplace, and grocery stores. These factors might not look that big of a deal initially, but you will want to shift to a place close to your office or with clear roads and low traffic when you leave for work. It reduces the stress of a daily commute. Add to this the fuel and time you can save on travel, and you will know why drive-time analysis is important before you finalize a location for your new home or office.

Calculate the Drive Time to Any Location

Drive-time analysis shows you the best and most efficient routes leading up to the target destination. The analysis begins from a specific location. Most people conduct drive time analysis from their office or home. You can also find locations at a certain distance from starting point. For example, the nearest restaurant that is a 5-10 minutes drive from your current location. Later, your team can use this information to figure out the best route to the target destination. It helps save time by helping you select a route closest to your destination.