Developed and launched by Foursquare Labs Inc., Foursquare is a mobile app used for location tracking and discovery-related operations. The app makes it easy for people to conveniently identify the nearest bars, cafes, restaurants, lounges, and other areas.

It has an extensive database that considers your browsing history and your past check-in records to recommend the most suitable locations near your current location. The main purpose of the app is to share location-based information about the city’s major attractions and popular businesses. Based on the users’ experience and your journey history, it gives you detailed insights into which location is perfect for you and where you should be headed.

How is Foursquare Useful?

Today, it has become an independent and one of the most popular location platforms. Over the past few years, the platform has developed exponentially and has partnered with many business ladders just to expand its dataset and add more locations. The company aims to include as many places as possible, enabling people to get access to the location information seamlessly. Now that it has expanded its operations, Foursquare doesn’t only aim to offer location-based information to customers, but it helps resolve various challenges business experiences, including but not limited to:

  • Site analysis
  • Demand planning
  • City planning
  • Route planning

They have recently announced their collaboration with GIS (geographic information system), which means the location data will now be available for GIS software users. The app is available for free for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry users. To be able to use Foursquare on your mobile, download its app for free on your target device. Make sure that the app aims to enable location-sharing functionality with the community. So, the next time you use it, share whatever information you have about a specific cafe or a bar with your friends and the Foursquare community. The app also syncs your contact so that you can quickly get in touch with your Facebook and Twitter friends. It keeps you notified about your friends’ activities.

Check-in on Foursquare

As you check in the places you are visiting, the app will automatically present the list of the places nearby. As soon as you have checked in, the app will update your location status instantly. If you are friends with people using Foursquare (people from your contacts using this app), they will immediately get a notification that you have checked into a bar, restaurant, or other places. You can count on Foursquare to find the best locations where you can eat, shop, and explore the nearby attractions.

There is also an option for leaving a review about the places you have visited. Once you are done exploring a shop or a retail store or eating at a nearby restaurant, leave a review sharing your experience visiting the place and how you like the ambiance of the location. Based on your reviews, your audience will get a better idea of whether visiting the location is worth their time. In the same way, you can read reviews left by other users while deciding the perfect location to visit.