Mars in Google Earth: How you can View Mar’s Surface in Google Earth

The Geographic Information System or the geospatial technology has enabled people to get a clear picture of different planets with a detailed view of the space. Things that seemed impossible a few decades ago are now a reality. Thanks to the GIS and remote sensor technology that astronauts and scientists are able to figure Earth more precisely. Scientists have been continuously doing research on Mars, as it is apparently the only planet after Earth to support human survival. Several rovers, equipped with remote sensors and cameras, have landed on Mars to give users a clear picture of the planet. The best part about these rovers and the GIS technology is that it enables people to get a closer look at the surface of Mars using Google Earth. Yes, you read it right! Google Earth consists of a large collection of pictures that give you a view of the satellites, asteroids, planets, and the entire space. Google has now incorporated the 3D version of Mars into the maps, allowing people to take a look at the surface of mars anytime they want. In this post, we will show you how you can use Google Maps to view the surface of the mars at any time and from anywhere. How to Open Mars in Google Earth? Open Google Maps on your PC and on the bottom of the screen, you will see an icon that turns Google Maps into the Google Earth mode. Click on that. Wait for a few minutes for the Google Earth to turn into the 3D format, then keep zooming the screen. You need to zoom out the screen as much as possible to get a broader and clearer look. Remember that you are still looking into Google Earth, so to get to the moon and mars option, you are supposed to zoom out until you locate these icons on the button left of your screen. Note that you need to open the Explore tab to be able to make this function work. In addition, it works in the new version of Google Maps only. So, if you are using the classic version, you may have to switch to the new version temporarily to get a clear view of the mar’s surface in Google Earth. Live from Mars People can view Mars, the projects and research conducted there, and any latest news of the planet in a 3D resolution. The best part is that you will have the photos available as soon as NASA receives the pictures from the satellites. Commonly called “live from Mars”. In addition to that, it has now become possible for people to go back in time and discover more about this red planet by checking out some antique maps by famous astronauts. You will see the Mars option in the toolbar. Click on it and get a 3D view of the planet with full details of the imagery, satellites, surface, and other elements of the space on your screen.