Morgan Freeman’s Voice

Morgan Freeman, a popular actor and film director, can now be heard on your mobiles. The actor’s voice has helped tons of people get out of traffic, find the current weather in their target destination, or find the most suitable route to their target destination with few clicks. If you don’t already use Waze, now is the time to add this free map navigation tool to your device and enjoy its exclusive range of navigation features. Waze is a community-driven navigation app that helps people find the shortest route from their current address to their target destination. It shows you details like current traffic on the road, whether the road is open or if there’s any construction going on, what’s the weather, and so on. The good news is that you can get directions to your target destinations in the soothing and clear voice of Morgan Freeman. Yes, you read it right. The actor who starred in Driving Miss Daisy will now help you drive on the crowded roads comfortably and reach your destination as fast as possible. The best part about the Waze app is that you get to select the voice of your favorite actors (from the ones available in the app) and use it for driving through the crowded roads in the most efficient way possible. Here’s all you have to do to activate Morgan Freeman’s voice in the Waze app.
  • Open Waze app
  • Head to the Settings tab
  • Select “Voice Language”
  • Click on Morgan Freeman
There you go! The voice will be changed to Morgan Freeman’s voice and you will get all driving instructions and updates about the road condition and the traffic in his voice. Morgan Freeman is not the only actor to have joined Waze for movie promotion, but many actors have tried this technique in the past. However, it feels different when the actor who played God twice warns you about which road to avoid and which has the least crowd. Hear Direction Instructions in Morgan Freeman’s Voice Morgan’s voice has received a lot of appreciation from the fans. When the news of his voice getting added to Waze was announced, people couldn’t control their excitement, as many people had shared their wish of listening to Morgan’s voice for directions. With his soothing voice showing you the right directions and giving you the details of the routes, every journey you take using the Waze app will be worth it. Imagine hearing “take a right turn in a mile to reach Starbucks” in Morgan Freeman’s voice. Well, if you are a fan, you’d definitely not want to miss out on this opportunity. The voice was used for the promotion of London Has Fallen. The 82-year-old actor has garnered a lot of attention, appreciation, and respect from people all over the world. Having starred in multiple movies, Morgan Freeman has become the favorite of fans. What could be a better way to enjoy your ride than by hearing your favorite actor’s voice while navigating through the busy roads? Download the Waze app now to get directions in Morgan Freeman’s Voice.