Ordnance Survey Geovation: How Has Geovation Helped Startups?

With over 500 marine locations declared as the dead zones and almost half the population affected by water pollution, it is time to take an initiative to make the world a healthier and safer place for people. Diffuse coastal pollution has the biggest contribution to marine pollution, making the water unsafe for consumption or for any kind of use. In order to address this issue, Ordnance Survey (the national mapping agency) has used Geovation. It is believed that entrepreneurs play a significant role in turning the world into a safe and better place for individuals. The company has come up with the market-leading accelerator program, which joins industrial problems to startup companies so businesses can make a positive impact on the world and people. The question is what exactly does Geovation aims to achieve, how can it help make this world a better place, and what exactly it is. Geovation and GIS Technology in Helping Businesses Geovation is supported by the leading companies based in different corners of the world with an initiative to offer grant funding and property information to businesses, including established firms and startups. However, the service is mainly designed for startups, helping them build their minimal viable product. Besides that, the program is designed to offer people a convenient and flexible working space at Geovation hub so that they can come up with innovative ideas and get as creative with their work as possible. Put it this way, if you are planning to build a startup or are already running one, you should consider using Geovation for conducting more research about the property and locations. In simple words, it is your go-to place to find data about the property and some tips on succeeding. The team guides people from start till they help you achieve sustainable growth. Geovation believes that the success of the team is measured by the success of a business, especially startups. Their primary goal is to ensure the highest level of growth for each startup, not only money-wise, but they help these small businesses go eco-friendly. After all, the end goal of GIS (geographic information system) and geospatial technology is to make this world a sustainable place. Does it Really Work? Geovation provides startups with access to public datasets. It shows you the detailed maps, as well as, addressing, ownership information, valuations, and the list goes on. The main purpose of Geovation for working with startups is to make it easier for the team to unlock value from these datasets. You could also join their workplace events and attend events to ensure flexible memberships. Having helped many small startups grow into established businesses, there is no denying that geovation has helped many businesses in unimaginable ways. And, it hasn’t stopped yet. The program keeps making it easier for startups to get better, improve their services, and become sustainable businesses. So, answering the above question—yes! Geovation actually works. In fact, it is a one-stop destination for all startups looking for geospatial data.