Crop Assimilation Model: How GIS Help Stimulate Crop Production Parameters?

Abhijeet Modi/ September 7, 2021/ Blog

Proper assessment of the agricultural land is an important factor in ensuring food security and effective crop growth. Not only does the GIS technology help improve crop productivity, but it has proven to be an ideal way to ensure sustainable planting. The major purpose of the crop assimilation model is to provide you with an accurate prediction of crop yields.

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How GIS Helps with Real-time Crop Yields?

Abhijeet Modi/ August 26, 2021/ Blog

In most states, it is mandatory for the farmers to provide the government with the estimated crop yield so that they can make the necessary decisions accordingly. The predicted crop yield plays a crucial role in developing food security measures, trades, and policy development procedures. It is extremely important for farmers to collect data about the crop yields and the

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