How are Digital Lenders Securing Your Personal Data?

Abhijeet Modi/ October 17, 2021/ Blog

In today’s modern and competitive business environment, businesses are migrating to online operations rapidly. With a considerable amount of sensitive data stored on handheld devices, PCs, and other hardware systems, the security of this data has become the first priority of businesses. Companies are now more focused on safeguarding their data to prevent people from misusing the company’s critical information.

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Importance of Data Security in the Digital Age

Abhijeet Modi/ October 9, 2021/ Blog

Given the COVID pandemic, businesses have moved to the digital world. In today’s modern age, having an online presence of your brand has become a necessity. It’s no longer the time when people could rely on casual and traditional marketing methods for brand awareness and promotion. Now that businesses are taking everything online, it has become more important now than

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Organizing Data: A model from nature

Daniel Foscarini/ October 7, 2021/ Press Releases/ 0 comments

When Tocsin Data gathers information from multiple sources it can get difficult to determine how to organize that data. Many times there are false positives within the data set that are gathered, even when a specific keyword or phrase is searched for, it can lead to unexpected results. Filtering results becomes more difficult as the internet and pool of sources

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Tocsin Data Formation

Daniel Foscarini/ October 6, 2021/ Press Releases/ 0 comments

Tocsin Data is pleased to announce the opening of their office in the Coquitlam, BC Canada. Tocsin Data takes great pleasure in announcing that GIM is now contracted with our firm. Dan Foscarini in conjunction with the Tocsin Data takes great pleasure in announcing the formation of 108 Blue Mountain street to serve the needs of entrepreneurs in all aspects

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What is Data Mining?

Abhijeet Modi/ September 9, 2021/ Blog

Every data reaches the reviewers in raw form. The analysts need to extract meaningful information from raw data and save it in a safe yet easily extractable manner. This process of extracting usable data from a bigger, raw data source is called data mining. This process has become crucial for market research experts and other customer-centric marketers to develop better

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What are the types of statistical data?

Abhijeet Modi/ August 26, 2021/ Blog

Several types of research require data-crunching. And, whenever data forms the central focus of the research, statistics enter the scene most naturally. The users who need to apply research methods can efficiently use statistical data if they understand how to categorize them and their underlying utilities. So, here is a quick overview of the types of statistical data. Statistical data

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Ways to Address Data Security Concerns 2021

Abhijeet Modi/ July 12, 2021/ Blog

The 2020 pandemic has set many new standards for businesses. Many companies have outsourced an extensive workforce, implemented modern technology, and installed the latest software apps to provide their customers with a stellar experience and the best support. In short, most small and large-scale corporations have taken their business to a digital level. While these transformations have helped companies grow

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