Agriculture Capability – How does GIS Help With Agriculture Capability?

Abhijeet Modi/ October 18, 2021/ Blog

Agricultural capability refers to the mapping technology that’s required for the collection of soil and climate information. The climate or weather prediction is an important factor in determining the type of crops that are suitable to be planted in the given region. After all, it is the climate that plays a key role in crop productivity. Soil capability, on the

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How does GIS Control Agricultural Pollution?

Abhijeet Modi/ October 15, 2021/ Blog

Agricultural pollution, a problem that affects the air, soil, and water quality, has become one of the common issues in this industry. Farmers are implementing different techniques to ensure healthier production, but there are certain factors that are not in their control. For example, weather and temperature fluctuations can have a significant impact on crop productivity. Other factors such as

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How does AI classify information

Abhijeet Modi/ October 13, 2021/ Blog/ 0 comments

How does AI classify information? We understand that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has started playing a major role in almost every industry out there. We are also aware of the fact that Artificial Intelligence is capable of doing things like teaching individuals with the help of machine learning. However, how is it made possible? One way is through the classification of

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How does GIS Help with Agromap?

Abhijeet Modi/ October 8, 2021/ Blog

The Geographic Information System plays a pivotal role in all agricultural aspects ranging from the weather & temperature fluctuation monitoring to agriculture mapping. The technology is extensively used in farms, allowing farmers to identify the best land for farming. Basically, agromaps is a web-based system and a software app that provides immense support to farmers and detailed statistics on a

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How Does GIS Affect the Hunger Map?

Abhijeet Modi/ September 15, 2021/ Blog

The main objective of the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United States is to ensure that no one suffers and dies from hunger. Hunger is not only about the unavailability of food for the masses, but it also includes the population that is uncertain whether or not they will get food tomorrow or what if they are asked to

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How does worldview affect research?

Abhijeet Modi/ September 4, 2021/ Blog

In his research work of 1990, Guba explains worldview as a set of beliefs or mindsets that affect action. It is a sum of people’s approaches, thinking, actions, etc., that primarily reflect their view on any research proposition that comes to their notice. Worldview is also defined as paradigms and the research methodology methods that a researcher applies based on

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What is DDoS attack and how does it work?

Abhijeet Modi/ September 2, 2021/ Blog

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. It can bring the business to a temporary halt. This attack stops the registered users of a website or app from using the services. Here are some common questions answered about this attack. Any site can come under this kind of disruption. In 2018, the biggies like Pinterest, Google, GitHub, PlayStation, etc. too have

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Agri Tourism – Why Does it Matter?

Abhijeet Modi/ August 23, 2021/ Blog

Agriculture is undoubtedly one of the few industries expected to grow exponentially over time. In simple words, agritourism refers to the combination of tourism and agriculture. The tourists across different corners of the country visit rural areas to get a quick tour around the farms and agricultural lands where they can learn more about agricultural processing. It has become more

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What is DNS and How Does it Work?

Abhijeet Modi/ July 26, 2021/ Blog

DNS stands for Domain Name System, which is considered an integral component of the internet. People research information and companies through domain names. For example, they type the domain address of the website on the internet to get access to the data online. The main job of the DNS is to convert domain names to the IP address, in order

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