What is Masked-Man Fallacy?

Abhijeet Modi/ August 31, 2021/ Blog

The masked-man fallacy turns out to be a philosophical logic when a person or thing uses Leibniz’s law illicitly in an argument. According to Leibniz’s law, if A & B are the same objects, A & B are indiscernible. It is a logical error because every human can see through disguises. There are several reasons for this mistake, and the

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What is Base Rate Fallacy?

Abhijeet Modi/ August 30, 2021/ Blog

Base rate fallacy, commonly known as the base rate bias or base rate neglect, is an extremely widespread form of financial philosophy. People tend to completely ignore the established average interest rate favoring the latest, most accurate information, and completely disregard the base interest rate’s influence. In reality, the interest rate should be considered along with other factors when formulating

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What is Conjunction Fallacy?

Abhijeet Modi/ August 29, 2021/ Blog

A conjunction fallacy occurs whenever someone assumes a probability in the presence of a set of specified values when there is no such thing. For example, the following statement is an example of the conjunction fallacy: Assuming that if X happens, Y will also occur. This is false because there is no existence of a set X, a Y, and

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Logical fallacy: Appeal to probability

Abhijeet Modi/ August 28, 2021/ Blog

A logical fallacy is an error in a sentence or argument’s construct that leads to its turning out to be non-reliable evidence. These fallacies are considered while reviewing the research work to ascertain its degree of reliability. There are about 15 types of logical fallacies identified by experts; appeal to probability is one example. What is an appeal to probability?

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Logical fallacies: What is Argument from Fallacy?

Abhijeet Modi/ August 27, 2021/ Blog

The argument from fallacy has got many names. It is known as the fallacy, the bad reasons fallacy, argument to logic or argumentum ad logicam, and the fallacy’s fallacy. The argument from fallacy states that a research’s conclusion will be flawed because its argument contains a fallacy. This assumption of the conclusion being wrong can render the research invalid, which

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