Organizing Data: A model from nature

Daniel Foscarini/ October 7, 2021/ Press Releases/ 0 comments

When Tocsin Data gathers information from multiple sources it can get difficult to determine how to organize that data. Many times there are false positives within the data set that are gathered, even when a specific keyword or phrase is searched for, it can lead to unexpected results. Filtering results becomes more difficult as the internet and pool of sources

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Logical fallacies: What is Argument from Fallacy?

Abhijeet Modi/ August 27, 2021/ Blog

The argument from fallacy has got many names. It is known as the fallacy, the bad reasons fallacy, argument to logic or argumentum ad logicam, and the fallacy’s fallacy. The argument from fallacy states that a research’s conclusion will be flawed because its argument contains a fallacy. This assumption of the conclusion being wrong can render the research invalid, which

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