Information Series on DNS: Part 1

Abhijeet Modi/ June 24, 2021/ Blog

The following series of articles details information of DNS Records, we are covering each setting in the series, providing basic use and purpose. A records: The most common type of DNS record, A record directs any form of domain, blog, and subdomain to a specific IP address. A user can easily assign the value to this record by submitting the

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What is a KML File?

Abhijeet Modi/ June 21, 2021/ Blog

KML stands for the Keyhole Markup Language, a platform that saves map coordinates in an easy-to-read and clean format. The language features a detailed list of instructions on how the style, as well as marker color of the location, could be shown. In addition to that, the Keyhole Markup Language is extensively used in combining your geographic data and metadata,

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What is Bad Elf?

Abhijeet Modi/ June 17, 2021/ Blog

Whether you are flying to the United States or going hiking on an adventurous trail, there is a good chance you are bringing your smartphone with you to navigate the routes easily. While GPS is your best bet for getting accurate signals and quick navigation options, it may not always work. Bad Elf is designed to help users navigate just

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What is ESRI?

Abhijeet Modi/ June 14, 2021/ Blog

ESRI is the professional supplier of all kinds of GIS and geo-based software solutions that are designed specifically to help companies and individuals. The GIS or Graphic Information System is definitely changing the way the world works. It is a popular framework that is used to gather, organize, and analyze data efficiently. The framework is known for its ability to

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How do you know if a survey is biased?

Abhijeet Modi/ June 7, 2021/ Blog

A survey is a primary research tool that researchers used to collect the public’s views. It helps in profiling the target audience, finding people’s preferences and needs, etc. Users also share their feedback by filling surveys. However, just coming from the horse’s mouth does not guarantee its absoluteness. The crispness and unbiased nature of the survey are ideally dependent on

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What is Data Mining?

Abhijeet Modi/ June 3, 2021/ Blog

Every data reaches the reviewers in raw form. The analysts need to extract meaningful information from raw data and save it in a safe yet easily extractable manner. This process of extracting usable data from a bigger, raw data source is called data mining. This process has become crucial for market research experts and other customer-centric marketers to develop better

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What is predictive analysis?

Abhijeet Modi/ May 31, 2021/ Blog

The predictive analysis employs historical data and applies it to machine learning algorithms and data-crunching procedures to ascertain the possibility of a future result. This research tool digs deeper into the past events and paints a picture of events possible to occur in coming times. Importance of predictive analysis The predictive analysis has started grappling the world with its sheer

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What is legal research?

Abhijeet Modi/ May 27, 2021/ Blog

Legal research is the study of laws, previous cases, rulings given in those cases, etc. But, this is also one part. It also includes the exploration of: the laws formed in the past and their current validity status, new updations made in the past laws, if any, their relevance in the present case under hearing in the court. Thus, it

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How does worldview affect research?

Abhijeet Modi/ May 24, 2021/ Blog

In his research work of 1990, Guba explains worldview as a set of beliefs or mindsets that affect action. It is a sum of people’s approaches, thinking, actions, etc., that primarily reflect their view on any research proposition that comes to their notice. Worldview is also defined as paradigms and the research methodology methods that a researcher applies based on

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What are different research methods?

Abhijeet Modi/ May 20, 2021/ Blog

Research is an intrinsic part of the degree, post-degree or doctoral programs in the education sector. It is also relevant in professional fields like research & development, marketing, data science, etc. Explorers employ different research methods depending upon the nature of enquiry, data sample size and requirements of hypothesis explanation. Listed here are some of the popular research methods that

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