How can Machine Learning Aid Law Enforcement?

Abhijeet Modi/ October 16, 2021/ Blog

People claim that artificial intelligence and machine learning have become important elements of the public sector, healthcare industry, manufacturing and marketing sectors, and security. Machine learning refers to the technology that enables the machines to imitate manual tasks. While most of us have seen the use of AI and machine learning in different industries, only a few know that this

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Machine Performance – The Role of GIS in Improving the Performance of Agricultural Machinery

Abhijeet Modi/ September 9, 2021/ Blog

The growing number of applications of the GIS (geographic information system) is proof that this technology is going to have a significant impact on every agricultural aspect in the future. From precision farming to food security, GIS has streamlined a plethora of operations for the farmers. One such area where the demand for this technology is increasing is machinery performance.

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