Drought: How Does GIS Help with Drought Prediction and Management?

Abhijeet Modi/ October 26, 2021/ Blog

Considering the increasing water demand and the sudden and unpredictable fluctuations in the weather, the focus of the researchers and farmers is on drought management these past few years.  There are several hydrological and climate-related conditions that play a significant role in determining the condition of your land and how prone it is to natural disasters, such as floods and

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All you Must Know About Ranch Pasture Management and GIS

Abhijeet Modi/ October 17, 2021/ Blog

Ranch and pasture are the terms used to define a piece of agricultural land where a diverse range of crops are cultivated using different techniques. These ranches and pastures are found in almost every state of America. Now, pasture management refers to the techniques and tools used for the production of crops, mainly healthy and nutritious crops. The main purpose

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