Venus: How Does GIS Help in the Mapping of the Planet Venus

Abhijeet Modi/ November 29, 2021/ Blog

If you don’t already know, GIS (geographic information system) has enabled researchers and scientists to get a clear picture of all planets. In fact, the technology has reached a point where researchers can get a 3D picture of the planets. GIS has made it possible for scientists to learn more about the geographical features of venus. The tool gives you

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Mapping Mars with MOLA

Abhijeet Modi/ November 8, 2021/ Blog

MOLA stands for Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter, which has given scientists a flat map of the planet Mars. The instrument has presented a high-resolution map of this planet, showing us the 27 million elevation measurements. This topographic picture of the planet has proven quite effective in suggesting the elements present in the mars, the distance of mars from other planets,

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