Mars in Google Earth: How you can View Mar’s Surface in Google Earth

Abhijeet Modi/ December 2, 2021/ Blog

The Geographic Information System or the geospatial technology has enabled people to get a clear picture of different planets with a detailed view of the space. Things that seemed impossible a few decades ago are now a reality. Thanks to the GIS and remote sensor technology that astronauts and scientists are able to figure Earth more precisely. Scientists have been

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Mars Rover Landing: All You Need to Know

Abhijeet Modi/ November 19, 2021/ Blog

NASA’s space mission of 2020 included a land rover that was launched on July 30, 2020, and landed on the planet Mars on 18th February 2021. The design of Perseverance is pretty similar to its former rover Curiosity. There are only slight changes in the latest variant. Curiosity landed on the planet in 2012, and the Perseverance has become the

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Mars Terrain: The Use of GIS in Measuring the Terrain of Mars

Abhijeet Modi/ November 18, 2021/ Blog

Maps are an important part of our everyday life on earth. But, what about other planets? How do the astronauts know the size of each planet and how they can explore these areas effectively? The researchers and astronauts have launched many projects to determine life on other plants and whether it is possible to survive on other planets. The Mars

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Water flow on Mars: Did Liquid Water Ever Exist on Mars?

Abhijeet Modi/ November 17, 2021/ Blog

We have seen evidence indicating water flow on Mars in the past few years. The Mars Global Surveyor confirmed that there was water on and around the Mars planet. Whether life existed on Mars has always been a debatable question. It is confirmed that the chances of human survival on planets other than Earth are higher on Mars than on

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Mapping Mars with MOLA

Abhijeet Modi/ November 8, 2021/ Blog

MOLA stands for Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter, which has given scientists a flat map of the planet Mars. The instrument has presented a high-resolution map of this planet, showing us the 27 million elevation measurements. This topographic picture of the planet has proven quite effective in suggesting the elements present in the mars, the distance of mars from other planets,

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