Light Pollution: The Role of GIS in Controlling Light Pollution

Abhijeet Modi/ November 20, 2021/ Blog

Excess use of artificial light can cause light pollution, which has negative impacts on the atmosphere, surroundings, and other environmental elements. The pollution is because of the outdoor lighting, which not only creates clutter but makes it really challenging for scientists to collect pictures of space and the celestial bodies. It has become widely common in the 20th century since

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How does GIS Control Agricultural Pollution?

Abhijeet Modi/ October 15, 2021/ Blog

Agricultural pollution, a problem that affects the air, soil, and water quality, has become one of the common issues in this industry. Farmers are implementing different techniques to ensure healthier production, but there are certain factors that are not in their control. For example, weather and temperature fluctuations can have a significant impact on crop productivity. Other factors such as

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