Machine Performance – The Role of GIS in Improving the Performance of Agricultural Machinery

Abhijeet Modi/ September 9, 2021/ Blog

The growing number of applications of the GIS (geographic information system) is proof that this technology is going to have a significant impact on every agricultural aspect in the future. From precision farming to food security, GIS has streamlined a plethora of operations for the farmers. One such area where the demand for this technology is increasing is machinery performance.

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The Role of GIS in Water Stress

Abhijeet Modi/ September 8, 2021/ Blog

Climate fluctuations and water stress are two of the most important factors that play a significant role in maintaining a crop’s health. The crop’s growth is mainly influenced by the water availability and irrigation methods used for watering the plants. Water deficit can cause a loss of productivity. The stricter laws in the agricultural industry have made the use of

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The Role of GIS in Current Food Security

Abhijeet Modi/ August 25, 2021/ Blog

The food security committees are formed across different states in order to ensure that everyone gets access to sufficient, nutritious, and high-quality food at all times. The job of these committees goes beyond ensuring safe and sufficient food for everyone. The main goal is to ensure that the dietary needs of people are met through regular access to food. The

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