How to Use the FTP Server?

Abhijeet Modi/ July 22, 2021/ Blog

FTP or the File Transfer Protocol is the safest and most reliable way to transfer large files from one device to another on the internet. The biggest advantage of FTP is that it provides a backup to the data uploaded on the server. So, if you ever lose any data from your device, you can rest easy knowing that it

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How to Choose the Best Alternative DNS Server?

Abhijeet Modi/ July 20, 2021/ Blog

The internet service providers offer you a DNS server, which is responsible for converting the domain name of your website into its IP address. The DNS servers are used on all types of websites by default, but you don’t necessarily have to use the same server. There is an option for switching the DNS server for an improved and better

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Which DNS Server Should You Use on Your Computer System?

Abhijeet Modi/ July 16, 2021/ Blog

DNS plays an integral part in helping people search for different websites on the internet. It allows you to translate the website URLs into IP addresses. This, in turn, makes it possible for users to search for content on the internet easily. While all websites have the default DNS attached to them, some web owners choose to replace the DNS

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How and Why to Change the DNS Server?

Abhijeet Modi/ July 15, 2021/ Blog

By the end of March 2021, there were approx 366.8 million domains registered on the internet. A domain name is exactly what it sounds like – the address of a website. Each website has a unique domain address, as well as, an IP address. Technically, a user has to type the IP address of the website to reach a web

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A Comparison of DNS Server Types

Abhijeet Modi/ July 14, 2021/ Blog

DNS makes it possible for computers to connect with each other on the internet. If there was no DNS, people would have to type the IP address of the website they are looking for on the internet. Not only would that be super difficult for people to remember, but memorizing the IP address of different websites is not possible. That’s

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