What are the types of statistical data?

Abhijeet Modi/ August 26, 2021/ Blog

Several types of research require data-crunching. And, whenever data forms the central focus of the research, statistics enter the scene most naturally. The users who need to apply research methods can efficiently use statistical data if they understand how to categorize them and their underlying utilities. So, here is a quick overview of the types of statistical data. Statistical data

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Understanding the Different Types of Network Servers

Abhijeet Modi/ July 19, 2021/ network, servers

Servers are powerful tools that provide individuals and companies access to shared hardware and software components. Servers are associated with more sturdy and powerful components than individual computers. The network servers have comparatively more RAM than individual workstations and they are made to operate round the clock without any interruption. In this post, we will discuss the different types of

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A Comparison of DNS Server Types

Abhijeet Modi/ July 14, 2021/ Blog

DNS makes it possible for computers to connect with each other on the internet. If there was no DNS, people would have to type the IP address of the website they are looking for on the internet. Not only would that be super difficult for people to remember, but memorizing the IP address of different websites is not possible. That’s

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What are the types of search engines?

Abhijeet Modi/ July 12, 2021/ Blog

The search engine is a program that scans the information available on the internet in response to the search phrase or keyword put by the user and delivers the result pages that contain it. The search engines are of various types and differ in how they scan the information on the websites and produce results. Users utilize the search engines

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