What kinds of online encryption are there?

Abhijeet Modi/ October 24, 2021/ Blog

Online businesses are constantly under pressure to create safe conditions for their customers. These businesses find solace in encryption methods that ensure better safety to their intellectual property. Encryption means to take the data or text to be used and convert it into code with the access rights given only to authorized users. Those who don’t have a key can’t

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What is MFA?

Abhijeet Modi/ October 23, 2021/ Blog

Businesses follow stricter safety solutions to make the user experience exceptional. Though many people feel irritated when asked various questions before giving them access to their respective accounts, all this is done for their safety only. These questions are nothing but authentication procedures. One of such authentication procedures is MFA or multi-factor authentication. How to understand MFA? MFA uses multiple

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What are the types of search engines?

Abhijeet Modi/ October 22, 2021/ Blog

The search engine is a program that scans the information available on the internet in response to the search phrase or keyword put by the user and delivers the result pages that contain it. The search engines are of various types and differ in how they scan the information on the websites and produce results. Users utilize the search engines

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What is the difference between Stemming and Lemmatization in AI?

Abhijeet Modi/ October 18, 2021/ Blog

Whenever you are running some search, you are looking for relevant results not only for the given expression that you have typed in the respective search bar, but also for other potential forms of terms or words that you might have used. For instance, it is likely that you are looking for observing results containing the form “book” when you

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What is Bayes’ Theorem

Abhijeet Modi/ October 14, 2021/ Blog/ 0 comments

What is Bayes’ Theorem? In the statistical context, Bayes’ Theorem refers to the mathematical formula that is used for calculating the probability of a certain event considering the prior knowledge related to the event. Also known as Bayes’ rule and Bayes’ law, this theorem gets its name from Thomas Bayes, a famous British mathematician. This mathematical formula helps people identify

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What are the Classification Metrics in AI

Abhijeet Modi/ October 11, 2021/ Blog/ 0 comments

What are the Classification Metrics in AI? If you are not sure of justifying whether or not, it can be regarded as something similar to the fact that you wish to get something, but you are not aware of what it is. In this post, we aim covering multiple classification metrics. Classification Metrics in Artificial Intelligence Introduction to Confusion Matrix

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What is a KML File?

Abhijeet Modi/ September 26, 2021/ Blog

KML stands for the Keyhole Markup Language, a platform that saves map coordinates in an easy-to-read and clean format. The language features a detailed list of instructions on how the style, as well as marker color of the location, could be shown. In addition to that, the Keyhole Markup Language is extensively used in combining your geographic data and metadata,

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What is Bad Elf?

Abhijeet Modi/ September 25, 2021/ Blog

Whether you are flying to the United States or going hiking on an adventurous trail, there is a good chance you are bringing your smartphone with you to navigate the routes easily. While GPS is your best bet for getting accurate signals and quick navigation options, it may not always work. Bad Elf is designed to help users navigate just

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What is ESRI?

Abhijeet Modi/ September 23, 2021/ Blog

ESRI is the professional supplier of all kinds of GIS and geo-based software solutions that are designed specifically to help companies and individuals. The GIS or Graphic Information System is definitely changing the way the world works. It is a popular framework that is used to gather, organize, and analyze data efficiently. The framework is known for its ability to

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