How GIS Helps with Real-time Crop Yields?

Abhijeet Modi/ August 26, 2021/ Blog

In most states, it is mandatory for the farmers to provide the government with the estimated crop yield so that they can make the necessary decisions accordingly. The predicted crop yield plays a crucial role in developing food security measures, trades, and policy development procedures. It is extremely important for farmers to collect data about the crop yields and the

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How GIS Helps with Plant Hardiness

Abhijeet Modi/ August 24, 2021/ Blog

Plant hardiness refers to the capability of varying types of plants to grow in diverse conditions. It shows the sturdiness of a plant and how strong it is. A few factors that are extensively considered to determine the hardiness of a plant include climatic conditions, drought, flood, and other such natural calamities. The harder the plant, the more it is

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