Top 5 advancements in AI for 2020

We all heard and fantasized about robots when we were young. The only difference today is that those robots have become a reality, thanks to AI developments! If someone wants to tell what AI looks like in tangible form, the answer will be robots. A machine that can make decisions by working on the data fed into it and with the help of all the soft tools embedded into it qualifies to be an AI Enabler. This ability to work in an intuitive manner resulted in the following advancements in AI in 2020:

  1. Safer replacement for unsafe jobs

The use of robots showed a rise in popularity in the areas where people felt unsafe to work. A robot doing the oil mining equipment’s predictive maintenance can be a fine example of choosing a safer replacement. Further, there are some jobs where a machine’s speed and self-repair ability due to AI made a significant impact. It helped improve productivity, reduce downtime, and ease manual labor.

  1. Ubiquitous data access

AI made it possible to provide data to the users wherever and whenever they wanted. Options like driving software data access by developers sitting in their work zones will be the game-changing enablers in 2020. Devices’ interconnection leading to IoT development based on AI sophistication will be the real estate’s next big tool. Since testing may become more sophisticated with AI enables data access systems, there will be a remarkable improvement in the products’ quality.

  1. Improved customer experience enabler

AI will feed the product developers with information in the most unbiased manner. Location intelligence, time-tracking of the order processing, and introduction of AI-enabled customer-driven changes in products are going to take customer experience to the next level. Most comprehensively, the data received when needed and, in the way, that it offers the most undiluted picture will be the future-proofing material used in product development.

  1. Enhanced Cybersecurity

Internet is connecting things around us and also our lives. AI use in making this experience safe is the most obvious possibility. With enhanced cybersecurity features to include, the AI will offer the correct framework. The users employing AI solutions will find it possible to safeguard people’s data and machines’ information from eavesdroppers or data thieves. It will make the internet a better solution and all internet-enabled devices an easily usable network having added reliability yet redundancy.

  1. More accurate market research

Marketing people need data to design strategies. The implementation of AI in marketing research will solve the issue of unreliable data quality to a great extent. AI will help design research methods more accurately, and there will be high chances of research ending in positive outcomes or improvements. Thus, more sophisticated marketing campaigns can be expected in 2020 with the intervention of AI.

These are the top 5 advancements that AI brought in 2020. These are supportive of digitization needs emerging prominently in the present times. The road ahead will only be more direct and straightly connected to AI and provide the industries, businesses, and consumers with the much-needed sophistication imperative to attain digitization.