Top Cybersecurity Protocols that Every Organization Needs to Follow

Many small business owners have the “there’s nothing to steal” mindset, which makes them extremely vulnerable to security threats. It may not seem that important to you, as you may have a small business and limited data. However, the digital environment and work from home culture have put almost all types of businesses at a high risk of security threats. With the increasing cases of cyber crimes reported across the world, businesses have started to realize the importance of having a robust and safe security plan in place. In this post, we have listed a few major cybersecurity protocols that every business has to follow to survive this competitive market. Let’s take a look: A Firewall To build a strong barrier between your confidential information and the cybercriminals, you need to implement a firewall. Not only are the large-scale and small-sized businesses installing the external firewalls, but they have started to use the internal firewall to achieve maximum protection from cybercriminals. If you have a team of remote employees that use their own network for digital operations, ask them to implement a firewall on their separate networks so that the data stored on their devices stay safe. Plan Protection for Your Smartphones For enhanced protection, companies must implement a system that sends regular update alerts and security notifications for smoother operations. Mobile security is also about having a robust antivirus software application installed on your devices so that the data stored and processed on your employees’ devices remain safe. Educate your Team It may not seem that important, but your employees need to stay up-to-date with the latest security threats, the ways hackers can access the company’s sensitive information, and the best practices to address the security concerns. Each employee of your company has the data of your business stored on their PCs and smartphones, which is why it’s imperative for each employee to follow the right cybersecurity protocols and protect their personal and company information from cybercriminals. Not only should you educate employees about cybersecurity practices, but ask each employee to sign a document that states that the necessary actions will be taken if the employee fails to adhere to the security rules. Safe and Strong Password Practices Around 63% of data breaches occur due to inaccurate and weak passwords, according to a report published by Verizon. Many employees keep the same password on their devices, as changing it over and over again seems quite hectic. With most of the security issues arising due to weak passwords, it is obvious that following a strong password protocol is a must for all sizes and types of companies. Employees should add uppercase and lowercase letters to their passwords, along with special characters, digits, and other symbols. Plus, they must change these passwords as often as possible. You don’t necessarily have to hire a cybersecurity team for your business operations, but you must at least follow the basic cybersecurity protocols to ensure protection from security threats.