Water flow on Mars: Did Liquid Water Ever Exist on Mars?

We have seen evidence indicating water flow on Mars in the past few years. The Mars Global Surveyor confirmed that there was water on and around the Mars planet. Whether life existed on Mars has always been a debatable question. It is confirmed that the chances of human survival on planets other than Earth are higher on Mars than on any other planet.

Since water is the essence of human survival on a planet, it goes without saying that water must have existed or still existed on Mars. GIS (Geographic Information Technology) has played a prominent role in helping scientists and astronauts figure out the accuracy of this theory. Even though GIS cannot support life on the planet, it has shown sufficient evidence proving that water did exist and flow on Mars and around this planet.

NASA’s missions confirmed the theory that water does exist on Mars, but in frozen form. The temperature, however, is below the freezing point. And, considering the fact that there are only minor fluctuations in the temperature on Mars, there is slim to no chance the water will melt.  The question is did liquid water exist on Mars?

GIS in Determining Water Existence on Mars

The pictures collected from the cameras installed on the rovers and spacecraft that landed on Mars showed the areas where rivers and oceans flowed. The high-resolution pictures might have shown the directions of the rivers and where they flowed, but there is no data regarding what happened to these oceans and where they are now. There is a good reason to believe that a large volume of water from these oceans is still present on Mars, even though it is mostly in frozen or solid form.

If we consider the current situation, water is available on the surface of the planet in the form of a thick layer of ice, located at the north pole. The water is often seen as the frost during the cold season when the temperature goes below freezing and it can be observed in the vapor and ice form in the atmosphere. Research says that Mars had never been such a cold and arid surface as it was years ago.

As mentioned earlier, there is sufficient research and evidence that proves Mars had liquid water on its surface. It is also believed that about four billion years ago, there were oceans and lakes filled with a large volume of water that flowed with a high stream.  The traces of the water were left on the planet, which is still seen. It is also clear that the climate on Mars was once completely different from what we see now. That’s because for water to leave these traces, it must have been there for a long period.

Thanks to the GIS. It is because of the geospatial data that we are capable of learning more about Mars, whether life existed on this planet, if it ever had the liquid water streaming and circulating around the planet, and more.