What are the types of search engines?

The search engine is a program that scans the information available on the internet in response to the search phrase or keyword put by the user and delivers the result pages that contain it. The search engines are of various types and differ in how they scan the information on the websites and produce results. Users utilize the search engines for making their internet search meaningful and save time reaching the best information while sifting through uncountable web pages.

Types of search engines

Usually, people can visualize search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., only. But, the fact is, all these are just one type of search engine. Let’s go through the list of all types of search engines:

  1. Hybrid search engines: These search engines scan the information both by manual indexing and with the use of crawlers. While the crawling mechanism helps scan through the relevant information containing pages quickly and most appropriately, the manual indexing helps regulate the websites’ quality. With manual indexing, spam, or copied content providing websites are funneled out. Thus, these search engines excel in both the quality and quantity of search results.

  2. Crawler search engines: All the big names in search engine space that we know, like Google, Bing, etc., are crawler search engines. A crawler is a systematic tool that scans billions of pages in record time, provided the information in those pages is arranged as per the norms laid out by the search engines. When somebody says, ‘search-engine friendly,’ they refer to the crawler-friendliness, to begin with. Besides, they also mean that the content is designed as per the latest algorithmic updates issued by the search engine.

  3. Use-specific search engines: It is the specialized search engine type. The web pages of a particular niche are compiled, checked for quality, and produced as the search results to the information seeker. For example, the user looking for information related to only games or only news can go for this type of search engine. The results given are more filtered, accurate, and high-quality. 

Some interesting examples of this type of search engine are: 

  • Give Water: It compiles all the results that address the environment’s sustenance issues somehow. Other similar search engines are Ecosia, Ekoru, and a few others.

  • Board reader: All discussion forums on various topics and niches are rolled out as this search engine’s results.

Common examples of search engines other than Google

Google is not the only option available among search engines. There are other options like Yandex, CC Search, DuckDuckGo, Swiss Cows, StartPage, etc. 

These search engines claim that they do not tamper or sell out the data they collect to people. Their emphasis is on securing the users’ privacy. Those users who have grown skeptical about their relationship with the most popular search engines due to excessive re-targeting can turn to alternatives. 

Knowing about various search engines is essential because dependence on a single service provider can sometimes be a headache. Most recently, when Google suffered downtime, and the world came almost to a halt, it is an indication of the need to have more alternatives in the kitty.

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