What is Bad Elf?

Whether you are flying to the United States or going hiking on an adventurous trail, there is a good chance you are bringing your smartphone with you to navigate the routes easily. While GPS is your best bet for getting accurate signals and quick navigation options, it may not always work. Bad Elf is designed to help users navigate just about any trail, even in remote locations. The device is compatible with all kinds of location-tracking applications found in AppStore and Google’s PlayStore. The device offers flexible and affordable GPS solutions at a reasonable price. Built with modern technology, Bad Elf is designed specifically to enhance your field experience and provide you with the best GPS tracking features. It happens to be the first-ever Apple-approved GPS accessory that makes an ideal choice for iPhone users. The technology enables people to bring their smartphones, tablets, Mac, Notebook, and other devices. You could easily use the device in conjunction with the GPS-tracking apps available on your tablets and mobiles for smooth and efficient operations. Put simply; the Bad Elf offers high-quality, flexible, and seamless performance when it comes to getting the GPS signals. The best part about this modern device is that you do not need to connect the Bad Elf to the internet. Bad Elf – Where Can It be Used?      No matter where you are traveling and the connectivity options available at the location, you can rest easy knowing that the bad elf products will help streamline the GPS operations for you. However, the maps and the GPS apps you are using might require an internet connection to run effortlessly on different devices.  Bad Elf products can be used in every corner of the world, given that you have a mobile, tablet, or other Bluetooth-equipped devices with a GPS-tracking app installed in it. Now, the question is, “why do I need Bad elf when I have the built-in GPS system on my iPhone and other devices”? Does it Need the Internet? First things first, the accuracy of the built-in GPS system on your device depends largely on the cellular network. If you are using the services in a location with cell towers, you will not have any problem tracking different locations using the built-in GPS system on your device. However, if you are up in the sky, hiking, or camping in the forest where there are no cell towers, the GPS might take a long time to work, i.e., if it ever works. Bad Elf does not depend on the cell towers. It is rather based on satellites. Now that the product does not need cell towers to work, they can be used just about anywhere. The device can track any user based in any corner of the world efficiently. In fact, you could use Bad Elf with the device that’s on airplane mode. If you are flying or in a location where you can’t receive calls or send texts, you can turn on airplane mode and connect your device to the Bad Elf.