What is DBeaver?

DBeaver is one of the popular SQL software tools that support a wide range of relational database tools, including but not limited to, Oracle, Netezza, MySQL, and SQLite. Launched in 2010, DBeaver was nothing more than a hobby project. The platform was designed to be an open-source tool that offers a convenient and quality experience to the developers. It features a nice UI and an intuitive design. However, DBeaver grew to become one of the popular tools for developers in no time. DBeaver was launched in 2011, and that’s when the developers launched the official website for the platform and created a community support forum. The platform supports easy monitoring and editing of data with advanced filtering options. DBeaver - Functions and Plugins A year later, the developers launched the Eclipse plugin that made DBeaver an established database extension. It did not take long for the software developers to realize the potential of this database solution and integrate it into their projects. In the same year, many developers integrated DBeaver with their software applications. In 2014, another version of the software was launched, i.e. the Enterprise Edition. The platform supports multiple languages, including but not limited to, Russian, Chinese, Italian, English, German, and Chinese. It is a popular cross-platform tool that can be used for a wide variety of applications. The major purpose of launching the eclipse version of this tool was to cater to the requests of the users. This plugin comes equipped with a broad range of functions from the community edition. It also comes with other such enterprise-level features that are designed specifically to make the platform more reliable and easy to work with. It is important to note that, unlike DBeaver, the Enterprise Edition version needs a license to operate. It is not an open-source plugin. The features you can find on DBeaver are the execution of the SQL queries, SSL Support, create a solid backup of data, DDL generation, script management, and the list goes on. You can buy different editions of DBeaver to make software developers as simple and efficient as possible. Different Plans with their Pricings You can invest in the Lite Edition of the tool, as it offers you the simplest and most convenient way to view as well as edit information from NoSQL and SQL. This edition is designed for those who do not have to administrate their database. The program is available for only $99 per year, and it also happens to be the cheapest plan. The next option is the Enterprise Edition, which costs a whopping $230 per year, but it comes with a plethora of advanced features. The major benefit of the Enterprise Edition is that it offers you multiple tools for database management in a single app. This includes the advanced SQL editor, data transfer, simple and effective dashboards, and task support. Last but not least, you could buy the license of ultimate Edition for $440 per year. This program provides the developer with complete native support for the local database and AWS services.