What is DDoS attack and how does it work?

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. It can bring the business to a temporary halt. This attack stops the registered users of a website or app from using the services. Here are some common questions answered about this attack. Any site can come under this kind of disruption. In 2018, the biggies like Pinterest, Google, GitHub, PlayStation, etc. too have witnessed outages due to this attack. How long can a DDoS attack last? Thankfully, DDoS attack lasts for 24 hours. It is the crucial time that can make or break the situation for the business. The best strategy to sail through this attack is to stay in touch with the customers and inform them about the business being under attack. How does DDoS attack work? It is an attack in which the cybercriminals orchestrate a deluge of fake traffic to a site, crashing it in the process. They do so by swamping a chosen I.P. address with unprecedented traffic. By doing this, the authentic consumers are denied access to the site. Needless to say, it affects the website performance adversely, hitting the business’s interests as a result. The crash caused due to DDoS can bring the business down by a huge loss, given the amount of money it loses due to nil sales, and maintenance and restoration cost. How can businesses prevent a DDoS attack? Businesses need to be very tactful in dealing with a DDoS attack. They can follow methods of both preventive and corrective nature to keep DDoS in check. Some of the actions worth taking are:
  • Early identification of DDoS attack: Businesses should do traffic profiling to understand and anticipate what a normal influx looks like. Also, they can hire the DDoS manager for keeping I.P. address under constant check.
  • Keep a sizable bandwidth in buffer: One can keep a considerably sized bandwidth in store as a preventive measure, but the use of AI and machine learning methods can further help stop the bandwidth from draining.
  • Protect servers through various means: Businesses can employ the following measures to identify and block the DDoS activity in its starting few minutes:
  1. Add filters to router to stop the influx of packets from possible attack sources
  2. Time-out inactive connections or half-open connection
  3. Identify and drop malformed packages
  • Seek help from experts: The first expert you can reach is the web hosting provider. You can inform the host provider about the attack and ask him to block access to the server allotted to you. Secondly, you can get assistance from a DDoS mitigation expert who can divert the traffic and provide help for handling the sudden surge in traffic.
To conclude, DDoS attack makes it almost impossible for the businesses to channelize their resources for handling meaningful traffic. Also, it can sabotage the customer experience by denying them access to the websites. Hence, staying a step ahead of the cyber-miscreants and keeping preventive measures in place are the best strategies to shield the website from this attack.