What is Hawkeye 360?

Hawkeye 360 is a popular commercial organization that became the first-ever company to launch radio frequencies for data analytics. What sets the company apart from other commercial organizations is the advanced satellites that offer a new data layer, which was previously never made commercially available. People don’t need a large volume of data that’s meaningless and has no impact on their operations. They are rather in need of useful information and data analytics that can help revolutionize the world and make it a better place. Hawkeye 360 focuses on combining radiofrequency with other modern sources to come up with innovative and actionable insights.

The company has launched an extensive range of products to promote actionable insights, and one such product they have announced recently is Cluster 3. The satellite has already made its entry at the Cape Canaveral site and the project is expected to launch soon. The company had already launched Cluster 1 and Cluster 2 satellites, which had made quite an impact on the economy earlier. Now, Cluster 3 is expected to join the 1 and 2 satellites, improving the baseline constellation of the organization. This new project is expected to boost the collection ability of the previous satellites and bring the revisit rates down. Hawkeye 360 will introduce a total of 7 such clusters that will be launched between 2021 and 2022. These clusters will not only decline the revisit rates significantly, but they can prove quite useful for security and commercial applications.

Cluster 2 gave people a brief hint of what these modern satellites can bring into the economy and people are now super curious to know what cluster 3 will add to this. The company specified that its main objective is to serve the government, commercial entities, and other organizations. Cluster 3 is going to be more powerful than cluster 2 and Pathfinder. This cluster is designed to process a large volume of data much faster. It also has the power to gather multiple frequencies. The main purpose of the system is to generate effective and faster geolocations. Another specialty of the satellite is that it helps you execute on-orbit investigations. The main purpose of launching these clusters is to improve the quantity and quality of the radio frequencies to deliver the best results to the customers. Besides, the technology will help interpret data in a more efficient manner.

Hawkeye 360 comprises experts from different industries, such as space systems, RF electronics, data science, and more. They strongly believe that a collaborative method and creativity are two essential components that help with innovation. The company has always focused on developing solutions that were previously hidden. They use an extensive range of satellites to discover different RF signals, which can prove helpful in processing data and identify the latest data trends across different industries. The company fuses the RF signals with other methods and sources to develop effective and accurate solutions to provide a high level of clarity and accuracy to the customers.