What really makes a good password?

Your password is your protective cover for any site, application, or device. By putting a password, a user claims an indisputable authority on the account owned. The password induces a sense of security and a feeling of assurance that your business with the online property is strictly between you and the interface. Even when not used for online interfaces, the passwords are now used for safety vaults, gates with sensors, etc. So, how can you benefit from the password? The answer lies in picking a good password that stands apart on security. What does a good password look like? Listed here are some of the characteristics of a good password:
  1. A lengthy, complex, and overall a strong password
Having at least 12 characters in a password makes it tough to guess. Thus, there are fewer chances of it getting stolen. Also, it should be a bit complex. If you are using your name or date of birth as your password, it will be to easy for an invader. Choose a random set of characters, alphabets, and numbers to make it lengthy and not so easy to guess. 
  1. Not easily guessable
If you have put numbers or alphabets in a sequence like ‘123456’ or ‘abcde,’ there would be no effort required to guess it. Thus, the users may give away access to the account to unauthorized entities by choosing such a password. It is better to have a mix of random numbers, alphabets, and characters to create an impregnable password for any account.
  1. Inclusion of two-factor notification
You can be doubly sure of your account’s safety when you couple the password with an additional verification layer. Some accounts offer you the choice of receiving a one-time password (OTP) on your registered mobile phone or email ID. Thus, it helps keep the account safe and is highly recommended for those used to do financial transactions.
  1. Tough for others but easy to remember for the owner
No one would like to go through the password reset process or a lengthy verification procedure to access accounts. The best option is to memorize the password and create one that you can keep in mind without making it easy for others. It is advisable to avoid the most used words, common dictionary words, or personal information in the password. A few tricks to create a memorable yet strong password
  • Take a phrase and pick the starting letter of each word of the phrase to create a strong, random password.
  • You can complicate it further by alternating the letters in uppercase and lowercase.
  • Some may replace the alphabet with their numbers, for example, a=1, b=2. Or, replace numbers with the corresponding sign on the keyword such as [email protected], 3=#.
Only you are responsible for your account’s safety. Making the best use of a password to attain a high-security level for the account can help fulfill this responsibility. Learn about the strong passwords and ways to create one to make this responsibility fun. You may choose the tricks above or design similar ones to have an excellent password.