Tocsin Data Aviation Incidents

Aviation Incidents has been in operation since 2006 and seeks to provide our audience with useful, timely, and relevant incident information on all manner of threats to their safety. We rapidly find and map terrorism events, disease outbreaks, earthquakes, forest fires, aviation incidents, threats to churches, threats to schools, threats to journalists, threats to the U.S. President, food and medicine problems, gang activity, border security issues, and a wide variety of other items.

All told, we publish more than 30 different maps, the vast majority of which are free public services not requiring a subscription. The publishers of are not beholden to any outside influences, there are no government grants, no outside venture capital, no silent partners, and as such we are able to operate as a truly unbiased, a-political, trusted source of information.

The publishers do contract with federal, state, government, military, law enforcement, corporate security, NGO, humanitarian, and educational organizations who need data for situational awareness and other purposes.

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