Tocsin Data Services



Tocsin Data collects large amounts of data on your behalf, and transforms it into a more usable format.


We find the information you are looking for with speed, accuracy, and relevance.


We create customised solutions for gathering, research, and formatting data to suite your needs using programming languages that best work with the tasks required to produce a desired outcome.


We search everywhere, including the dark-net, block-chain, and often overlooked data sources.


Tocsin Data stays on top of analytical techniques such as machine learning, deep learning and text analytic systems.


Tocsin Data is a Civil Contractor meeting all requirements for security research.



API Management

  • Rapid creation and publication of an API
  • Generating and configuring REST endpoints
  • Cataloging and publishing APIs
  • Configuring API authentication
  • Managing and monitoring APIs



Network Monitoring

  • Monitor your applications and network 24/7.
  • Watching all activity from every web app user across all devices.
  • Monitoring SSL, file hashes, automatically.
  • Get notified by email, SMS, Slack.



Finding Data

  • Human and Automated SERP systems.
  • Data mining from current local data sets
  • Continuously search multiple sources for keyword, phrases, images, or code blocks.



GIS Mapping

  • Arcgis Rest API
  • AGOL Maps
  • ESRI Dashboards
  • GIS Analytics




  • WHM/cPanel Cloning
  • sFTP Access
  • Fusio API
  • Compressed Flatfiles




  • Technical Writing
  • SDLC – Software Development Lifecycle
  • Project Documentation
  • Process Documentation